Drug Free Carroll County is a coalition comprised of volunteer members from local organizations and individuals throughout Carroll County. Members hold the common goal of reducing substance use among Carroll County youth. The coalition seeks to create a healthier, drug free community through the implementation of effective prevention strategies. The coalition is committed to providing information and community education, supporting youth led prevention efforts, challenging community norms that might be favorable to youth substance use, decreasing youth access and availability of substances and changing policies that will reduce youth usage of alcohol, tobacco, prescription medication and other drugs.

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Joe Otte Memorial Fund has been awarded 

The first $500.00 grant from the Joe Otte Memorial Fund has been awarded to Personal and Family Counseling Services to be used for treatment and support through the New Philadelphia Municipal Recovery Court, according to Mary Ann Otte, the Founder and Chair of the Memorial Fund and Grant Committee.  “This is exciting for our Committee Members and we felt it would be appropriate to make the initial donation to Personal and Family Counseling Services on behalf of the New Philadelphia Municipal Recovery Court.  Judge VonAllman has been an extraordinary supporter of treatment for individuals with addictions and we’re very pleased to be able to assist the program”, says Otte.  In acknowledging appreciation for the grant, Judge Nanette DeGarmo VonAllman noted, “Alcohol and drug addiction only have two possible outcomes: remission or death.  This grant from the Joe Otte Memorial Fund proves that hope exists, even after the tragic and preventable death of a wonderful young man.  The sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers in the Recovery Court program, who are fighting the disease of addiction every day in their own lives, are truly grateful for this generous gift.”

The Memorial Fund was established by Mary Ann Otte in 2013 following the death of her son, Joe, by an accidental heroin overdose.  He was 31 years old.  The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support for educational events and activities designed to raise awareness about the causes and risks associated with addiction.

According to Pam Trimmer, Executive Director of Personal and Family Counseling Services, their agency has partnered with the specialty docket recovery court to provide treatment and supportive services to the defendants in the Recovery Court Program.  “The funds will be used to purchase incentive items for individuals in the program to encourage continued compliance in their recovery process and to reward those taking active steps to maintain sobriety.  It has been a pleasure to work with the court and the defendants to move this community and its residents away from addiction and into recovery.  It is imperative that we all work together to achieve lasting change and develop healthy families.  We would like to thank the Joe Otte Memorial Fund for its contribution towards these efforts”, states Trimmer.

In October, the 1st Annual Joe Otte Memorial Fund dinner was held at Woods Tall Timber Lake Lodge to promote awareness of this fund.  The 150 people in attendance enjoyed a gourmet dinner and listened to Amy O’Grady from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office speak about the heroin epidemic.  The money raised through generous donations will fund the grant program.  Donations are still being accepted and can be made directly to the ADAMHS Board in care of the Joe Otte Memorial Fund, 119 Garland Dr. SW, New Philadelphia, OH, 44663 or on-line by visiting the ADAMHS Board’s website at http://adamhtc.org/joe-otte-memorial-fund/.

The ADAMHS Board is the fiscal agent for the Memorial Fund and works in conjunction with committee members to process funding requests and disburse grants to community agencies for drug prevention and substance abuse intervention efforts.  “It has been an honor to be involved in this project from the beginning and watch it evolve into something tangible where community groups and individuals can benefit” according to Dave Schaffer, Executive Director of the ADAMHS Board.

There are no deadlines associated with submitting a funding request and applications are available and may be downloaded by visiting the ADAMHS Board’s website at http://adamhtc.org/joe-otte-memorial-fund/.  Otte anticipates making awards available annually to schools and community agencies or programs.  Please direct questions about the Memorial Fund to Mary Ann Otte at 330.204.5464 







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I want to thank Diana Smith from Personal and Family Counseling Services ( Prevention Department) for her help and support!! I would be writing forever to explain the level of her support for our coalition. You're the best Diana!!! You are special and I love you! ...

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The Coalition for a Drug Free Carroll countyhas the privilege of participating in the SPF-RX Ohio Good Samaritan Law media training. Here is a short video of one of the trainings that was held in Columbus on November 16, 2018youtube.com

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